Over 90% of homes receive an offer within 30 days of Staging

Spend less time on the market
Sell for maximum profit
Obtain additional foot traffic
Enhance online listing presence


This helpful service consists of a detailed walk through of the property (inside and out) with the homeowner. Included with this service is an easy to follow, step-by-step, plan of action presented to the home owner and agent for reference. Our main goal is to create an environment that appeals to the majority of buyers by enhancing positive features and reducing the negative aspects of the property. Most Home Selling Consultations are complete within one hour.


There is an art to preparing a home for placement on the market. Home Staging leverages market insight and design aspects to present a property which appeals to the majority of buyers. A minimal investment increases the chances of a quicker sale at the highest expected market value for the area. Model My Home provides keen insights and key services to create a proper model home appearance. In return, this gives each property the competitive advantage needed to perform well in the marketplace.

Vacant and Occupied Staging Services for Any Budget

Homeowners looking to sell their homes quickly and for more money will find Professional Home Staging with Model My Home the best option. With several services and packages, Model My Home can make your home “model” ready. Whether your home is vacant or occupied, or you need a Professional Staging Expert to come in and give you an idea of what needs to be done, Model My Home can help.

Home Selling Consultations, Vacant Staging, Occupied Staging, 2 Hour Touch-ups with Sellers’ Items, and Makeovers for ANY Home at ANY Price

We know that you want the best for your clients and giving them a true evaluation about their home can be a delicate balance. By recommending Professional Home Staging, you can ensure that your client maximizes the value of their home while preserving your relationship. It is our goal to make sure that both you and your clients benefit from Home Staging by a quick sell for top dollar.

Vacant Home Staging that can help cut Days on Market in Half

Model My Home has the most popular Staging package that includes key furnishings and accessories throughout the home and currently works with hundreds of Investors and REO companies in the DFW Area to help their properties turn quickly and for a great profit. Staging your investment/REO property only makes sense.

Model My Home Decorating and Inventory Home Staging

Many builders have found that Staging inventory homes helps buyers visualize living there. Model My Home helps many local new home builders sell their inventory homes quickly and for top dollar. On average, the Builder inventory homes Staged by Model My Home have received a contract less than 30 days of Staging. Model My Home also helps local builders with Model Home Decorating and also offers a LONG TERM LEASE option to Builders.