The REAL cost of Home Staging

We receive many Quick Stage Quotes and inquiries about the various aspects of Home Staging. One of which, pertains to the real cost of Home Staging. Although a large percentage of our quotes result in a new client on their way to selling their home and doing business with us—Not all do. You may ask “why?” It usually comes down to the perceived cost. Whether people have spent too much on their rehab, or  just decreased their listing price, Staging is rarely considered in the initial planning budget.


What most people don’t realize is that with Staging, the need to decrease list price is statistically less likely than if you leave the home vacant. You can also work some of the Staging fees into your list price if you want, but many sellers do not expect to get their full list price. Many agents over price the home initially with an expectation of having to decrease the listing price at least once. With Home Staging our goal is to position a home on the market so that our clients will (and most often do) get full asking price or more. The key is to see Staging as an investment in the home, rather than a cost to you. The real cost to you as a seller is decreasing your list price by $5000, $10,000, $15,000 or maybe more, when you could invest much less than that into Staging and receive your full list price.

So ask yourself, how much will it cost not to Stage?

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